* * * C A U T I O N ! * * *

I’m completely re-working everything so please excuse the mess.

* * * RECENT UPDATES * * *

07/08/11 – My Bungie Day Misadventures! 13 pics, 2 pans. Enjoy!

02/10/11 – Added a series of b/w elite images. Took these for the Bungie All Stars Week 5 challenge.

02/01/11 – Finally sat down and put together a few of my “in the works” panoramas. I’m quite happy with Kat’s image. See what you think!

* * * * * * *

Thanks for stopping by. This site is dedicated to saving my Halo 3 screenshots from oblivion. Due to the image limit in my gallery I’ve decided to compile my overflow here. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m throwing all my garbage pics in here as well. Only the images I deem worthy are included.

You’ll find quite a lot of variety. There are simple nature shots as well as lots of explodey things. None of the screens you’ll see here, however, are staged*. Every photo I take is found in gameplay whether it be Campaign or Multiplayer. They are also, for the most part, images of me.

*Confession: I finally broke down and took some shots in the Blue and Black rooms. Nothing super-spectacular but I kind of like them. You can find them, and a few others, in the studio work category. There aren’t too many as the madness only comes sporadically.

My favorites tend to focus on composition and simplicity but, as you’ll see, I’m not above a good comic or action shot.

I’ve also included a bunch of panoramas on the Panoramas page (obviously) and some wallpapers and avatars I’ve put together on their respective pages. If you’re interested there are several compilations (montages/humpday write-ups/etc.) available to check out as well.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you like a particular photo. My ego can always use a little boost. Hope you enjoy!

– radiant penguin

wallpaper by El Pescador

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