One Night Stand

My One Night Stand With bs angel & co.

“Might as well get it over with.”

radiant penguin


bs angel

“We’ve got your back.”

bs angel, Yoozel, Trandom Kaggus, radiant penguin, Halcylon

“Get in formation!”

HITMAN23DB, bs angel, Trandom Kaggus, Yoozel, radiant penguin, Halcylon

“That’s one down.”

radiant penguin, Halcylon, Avistel

“This isn’t gonna be good. . .”

HITMAN23DB, Trandom Kaggus, Yoozel

“Need a lift, buddy?”

radiant penguin, Yoozel, Halcylon

‘High and Low’

radiant penguin, Halcylon

“Hold her steady!”

radiant penguin, Yoozel, Trandom Kaggus, Avistel

‘The Warthog’

radiant penguin, Yoozel

“Why didn’t I just listen to my mom and become an accountant?”

Halcylon, radiant penguin

“It’s a good day to die.”

radiant penguin, bs angel

‘Trio of Doom’

bs angel, radiant penguin, Yoozel

“Push forward! Drive them back!”

Trandom Kaggus, radiant penguin, bs angel, Yoozel, Halcylon, Rein Ex Inc

“Oops! Wrong room. I’ll just leave now. Don’t mind me.”

radiant penguin


radiant penguin

to be continued. . .

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