Foto vs GS

Foto vs Generation Screenshots; 7/22/08

“There is one Elite yet in Valhalla who still draws breath!”

Mr Farenheit, xAnglar Sprakx, adirtysportsmen, radiant penguin

‘The Honorable Death of radiant penguin’

radiant penguin

“Death comes for you.”

radiant penguin, xAnglar Sprakx

“You were warned.”

xAnglar Sprakx, radiant penguin

‘The Battle in the Reeds’

radiant penguin, adirtysportsmen

‘high and low’

xAnglar Sprakx, radiant penguin

“Eat concrete, Red guy!”

radiant penguin, MrChunkyFunk

“Room clear.”

radiant penguin, xAnglar Sprakx, purity 670, ToXin23

“Die, scum, die!”

radiant penguin, purity 670, Mr Farenheit

‘Hall of Lights’

MrChunkyFunk, radiant penguin

“You’re going to need more Spartans.”

radiant penguin, SCOTTY OWNS U, xAnglar Sprakx, MrChunkyFunk

“Pink is so pretty!”

radiant penguin, adirtysportsmen, purity 670

“Look away! She’s gonna blow!”

radiant penguin, xAnglar Sprakx

“Woo hoo! Got ’em!”

radiant penguin, xAnglar Sprakx

“Done and done.”

MrChunkyFunk, radiant penguin

“Almost there! Come on! Ohhh. . . no. . .”

ToXin23, Avistel, Mr Farenheit, purity 670, xAnglar Sprakx, radiant penguin


radiant penguin, purity 670

“Well. . . at least you got the flag here.”

Avistel, ToXin23, Mr Farenheit, radiant penguin

“Time to clean this mess up.”

ToXin23, radiant penguin, Mr Farenheit

“. . .I’m holding out for a hero til the end of the night. . .”

radiant penguin, Mr Farenheit, ToXin23

“Now where did he get to?”

adirtysportsmen, radiant penguin

“Quickly! Up the ramp!”

radiant penguin, adirtysportsmen, ToXin23

“Found you!”

radiant penguin, xAnglar Sprakx

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