Grab Bag

Grain Test




Forged Maps

Non-Halo Images


Christmas List 2008


Group Photo

This is simply an edit I did of one of my Groups’ group photos.

Haloramics Group Photo Edit (just added myself to existing image)

AoH Guest Gallery

This is a short bio and gallery I put together for Ar7is7s of Halo after AusQB asked me to be a guest artist on their new blog.

Tag: radiant penguin

Location: Oregon

Affiliations: Proud to be Sangheili; The Brothers Grim (a gaming trio of doom); Flying Weasels (my hibernating Halo clan); Foto (moderator/w00t); [SP] (errr. . . I’m slightly inactive actually)

Linkage: My personal archives at halo prints.

Gaming Pleasures: Halo Combat Photography and Portraiture (obviously); Slaughtering the citizens and creatures of Tamriel and Oblivion while dressed as a hobo and wielding my self-enchanted ‘Rake of Justice’; Any game in which I get to play as a young Japanese girl trying to survive a village full of vengeful spirits with only a rickety Camera to defend myself.

Gaming Displeasures: Any Dillweed who joins a Rocket Race match to play Slayer; My brother-in-law making me nearly pee myself while playing ‘The Cradle’ in “Thief: Deadly Shadows”; Fast zombies (it’s unnatural).

Deepest Gaming Desire: That more games were premiered during cheesy movies starring Fred Savage. (If you get that reference you know how young I am not)

Photographic Signature: Simplicity of Composition and Sparing Use of Effects.

The Images

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